Unique Capabilities

The Power of 3

No one has ever attempted a coalition of forces of such potency as Legacy One did, driving an irresistible narrative by combining unprecedented Power of Scale with Power of Confidence and Power of Choice.

Power of Scale & Focus

  • In contrast to the capabilities of a developer, the Company will be able to aggressively and efficiently:
    • Market to a larger audience
    • Cover more geographical areas around the world
  • The Company will target, for its exit, potential buyers in their own backyard focusing on the Lebanese community in prime cities of Northern America, in the cities of London, Paris and others.
  • The Company has gathered an unprecedented pool of highly experienced and specialized real estate professionals into its sales and marketing team to better engage with potential customers and provide them with the highest standards of service and advice.

Power of Choice & Value

The Company’s diversified and cherry-picked portfolio of apartments will cater for all the potential requirements of the client whether regarding the size, the price, or the location.

The company's value proposition combines:

  • An attractive financial proposal
    • Peace of mind / confidence in the product
    • Integrated due-diligence and the Company acting as an owner’s representative
    • Diversity of locations, styles, sizes, ...
    • Financing options
    • Concierge services and after-sales facility management
    • Property investment and management options
    • An easy and high standard transaction
  • Multi-channel marketing mix:
    • Starting with the iconic Legacy Experience Centre in Beirut Central District
    • A tailored communications plan to ensure strong visibility
    • Drive desire and conviction
    • An engaging and user-friendly online platform with an easy access to the available inventory
    • Targeted lead generating online advertising
    • Property investment and management options
    • State of the art CRM and technological back-end

Power of Confidence

  • Legacy One will only acquire apartments once a meticulous and exhaustive due diligence process is completed; this covers:
    • A technical survey of the project and the apartments
    • A detailed and comprehensive snagging of the property
    • A regulatory, legal and financial assessment of the project
  • The due diligence will enable the Company to ensure the accuracy of delivery dates, to avoid any potential legal, regulatory or registration issues in the future, and to provide potential clients with the required peace of mind.